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I am a woodworker based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and I use this website to sell my scroll saw creations which are perfect for displaying on a windowsill, desk, wall or table top. Anywhere a decoration can liven things up or say something that needs to be said is a good place for my handiwork. Please see my About page for more information on what I make and how I make it. In short though, a scroll saw is a power saw that uses very thin blades: thinner than a piece of string. The blades are made of steel and can be used to make very intricate cuts in a piece of wood.

My creations are always made from real wood, typically SPF (spruce, pine or fir) or some other softwood and are always cut by hand on my scroll saw.

I don't operate a physical store - this is my store. Merchandise I sell is mailed to you by way of Canada Post. I may keep an inventory of some items but often will make your purchase to order. I will communicate with you if there is a delay of more than a couple of days in processing your order. My service motto is the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

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