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Following is a list of products in my catalogue, segregated into seasons (Christmas decorations are a big thing for me). I've attempted to categorize my product list because there are quite a few...

All Year Round


You've probably noticed that I call stuff I make "kreations". I use the term "kreations" instead of creations or decorations.

I make every new design to verify that what works on theory also works in practice. Some designs never make it past this stage and some go back to the drawing board for revision. Once I'm happy with the finished product I'll take some pictures of it, figure out how much I want to charge for it and then add it to this catalogue.

My kreations are always made from real wood, typically SPF (spruce, pine or fir) or some other softwood and they're always manually cut on a scroll saw.

The price quoted for each kreation includes the item itself, taxes and shipping. When you go through the checkout you will provide your particulars for mailing the item to you. All shipping is done through Canada Post which will usually get to you within two or three business days. I will endeavor to:
How the ordering process works is explained fully on The Ordering Process page. In short:
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