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This venture is still pretty new and I’m still figuring a lot of things out. I certainly hope that being able to buy one thing at a time is a problem!

A lot of thought went into this and I came to this conclusion. Shipping or rather, shipping costs are what formed the decision. A lot of my kreations can be shipped one at a time using Canada Post letter mail. The same rule applies to the U.S. The cost of letter mail is cheap when compared to parcel post. Usually more than one item will require that the package be sent by parcel post which can increase the shipping cost five to ten times. So, I figure that shipping my creations out one at a time is the least expensive way to go.

I’ll be watching this closely as time goes on and will adapt my processes as warranted.

You bet. Please contact me to discuss what you'd like, how many and so forth.

Yes I do! Please contact me with your requirements. There is a field on the COntact form with which to attach an image - please feel free to use that if you'd like to use it to illustrate your inquiry.

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