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Of Little Worth Is Your Ire

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Back in the 1990's there was a humour page circulating on the internet entitled "Windows Error Messages in Haiku". Haiku is a Japanese form of poetry and the page's background was that Sony was going to buy Microsoft (it wasn't really) and the first thing they would do is rewrite the error messaging in Windows to reflect Sony's culture and land of origin (Japan). To make a long story short, my favourite message was "Of little worth is your ire - Your file? It is gone - Windows is like that". In addition to making me laugh it was and is to this day a life lesson that anger is worth absolutely nothing. I designed this for myself - one known to sometimes lose his cool.

Price: $ 25

This price is all inclusive and includes shipping by way of Canada Post.

Item height 2.5 inches
Item width 6.75 inches
Item Thickness 0.75 inches
Format This item is bare wood with no finishing applied.

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